Aventura 2 Challenge TwoNav

An extreme adventure in the Alps in the most risky winter weather conditions. The route will put the new Aventura 2 GPS to the test in the most extreme conditions.

Would you dare trekking through the Alps?


Experience the Aventura 2 Challenge with TwoNav, a crossing through the Austrian Alps, with the participation of Stefi Troguet, from Andorra, Ferran Latorre, from Spain, Elisa Deutschmann, from Germany and Pierre Vignaux, from France. The route we have chosen to test our new Aventura 2 GPS is 64 km long and has 4.650 m of possitive elevation, a journey of 35 hours in 4 stages that our athletes will have to endure under the most extreme weather conditions.

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The Aventura 2 Challenge Team

TwoNav has chosen experienced mountaneering & skiers to complete this amazing winter challenge in the heart of the Austrian Alps. The young but fearless German alpinist, Elisa Deutschmann, always followed by her loyal husky, the French alpinist and adventure photographer, Pierre Vignaux, together with Stefi Troguet, a pioneer alpinist from Andorra, and Ferran Latorre, who is famous for being the cameraman of a well-known Spanish TV adventure program (<i>Al filo de lo Imposible</i>).

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The third stage was the hardest: due to bad weather and the high avalanche warning, our team has had to return to Hallstatt. Thanks to Land, in the morning they have been able to re-design a new route and upload it to the GPS Aventura 2, so they could return without problems to the charming little town in the Alps.


A technological ecosystem designed for maximum customization

Aventura 2 is much more than a simple mountaineering GPS device. This innovative unit offers extreme functionality and is part of a complete technological ecosystem that lets you enjoy your outdoor adventures safely and reliably. In order to properly plan an extreme outdoor adventure with the Aventura 2 Challenge, good preparation is essential so that you can not only enjoy the experience, but analyze it afterward. With the TwoNav ecosystem you can:

Create a route in Land

The track we're going to follow during the Aventura 2 Challenge was created and edited using Land software (Windows/Mac).

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Quality Maps

The route was analyzed in great detail thanks to the wide range of maps from all over the world that is available in our map store.

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Navigating with the Aventura 2 GPS

The Aventura 2 GPS lets you navigate outdoors on the most extreme routes safely.

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Sharing the Challenge on the GO-Cloud

And at the end of the challenge, the participants will be able to share their activity automatically on Strava, Training Peaks, Twitter or Google Drive.

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Storing and analyzing tracks

Online routes partners

GPSies, IGN Rando, FFCT...

Map Store

Wide variety of maps from all over the world

Creating and analyzing routes

Emergency alerts and Data transmission

Support App


Designed for extreme conditions

Designed specifically for mountaineering, climbing and other high-risk, long-duration outdoor sports, the Aventura 2 GPS is a robust device built to withstand the moxt extreme weather conditions. With a functional and appealing design, the Aventura 2 features a large touch display with the latest tech, and satellite positioning that connects to the GPS and Glonass networks, and the new European Galileo network.

  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • Long battery life (30h)
  • Large touchscreen (3.7"")
  • Visible in direct sunlight (Blanview)
  • 4 buttons on the front, 2 on the side + joystick
  • GPS + Glonass + Galileo
  • Connects to ANT+ and BLE sensors
  • microSD card reader
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